Posted by: pencilsatdawn | July 14, 2007


The battle between two cartoonists begins… the theme? ANTIDOTE.




 PS. Check back soon for another battle…


  1. The first cartoon is great! We have a winner!

  2. Nice try, “Explodey”… or should I say BARN DOG!

    You have indeed won… MY CONTEMPT!

  3. Are we going to see a pattern here, Mike with his homo-erotic kiddie themes, and Phil with more boob cartoons?

    p.s. I vote for the boobs….

  4. it’s difficult. it’s a tossup between wit and boobs.

    wit or boobs.

    ….wit or boobs….?


  5. Boobs win, hands down! Shirts up!

  6. THF is right. Boobs beat brains. And brawn. And even put together.

  7. I vote for the first one. But that’s probably because I’m a girl.

  8. Quite possibly the nicest rack in webcomic history. Phil wins…

  9. Nimish, Stickynote, it’s nice to meet you. Being loyal followers of Bigeyedeer’s blog, I can see it might take some work to win you over. Of course I can draw bigger and better boobs than him, but I choose not to scrape the bottom of the barrel…yet.

  10. We’ll drag you down too. Don’t worry. We’re specialists.

  11. In fact, I *too* am experienced in the art of web-comic-stry


  12. I hereby promise to award my vote to the worthiest comic, regardless of author, rack size, or penned debauchery.

  13. OOh, just need to flash them boobs didn’t you? *grin*

  14. At first i was all about the boobs. It was simple and made me laugh a little more than mikey’s….but now looking over the boobs, i mean cartoons again i am liking Mikey’s more…

    Mikey 1 Phil 0

  15. My judgements shall be based purely on my mood at that particular moment and not on artistic merit, funny-ness and breast sizes.

    @Nimish: shameless self-promotion… a college trait?

  16. Again I liked Phils, for the simple reason that I like boobs.


  17. You’re just jealous that I have photoshop installed. 😛 nyeh!

  18. Hmmm…. this is a difficult one. I like Mike’s alot… but… the look on that little guys face when he gets to see those boobs… gold!
    I vote for you Phil and cause you used the name Sarah 🙂

  19. Hey listen you guys, I don’t have time to be looking at cartoons all day! And trying to decide whose cartoon is the best. I have work to do! :-\

    Okay, okay I like the Pinochio (sp?) one…

  20. I cefinitely liked Mike as I am jeaous that now even cartoons have bigger boobs than I. Plus Mikes was better.

  21. Haha. Phil.

  22. haha i had a gf named sarah. kinda some resemblance… phil my man u the winner

  23. C’mon you’ve gotta be kidding

  24. I just found this site online and i’m so glad i did!!!! The first cartoon literally has me in tears it is soooo funny!!!

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