Posted by: Phil Selby | July 23, 2007


The theme for round three of Pencils at Dawn is SOUTH.





  1. So Phil, I see you have employed the use of colour! The stakes have been raised…

  2. Ok I call this one a dead heat, possibly ever so slightly in Phils favour cause he used colour and drew more pictures…
    As for the topic of SOUTH,, are there polar bears at the south pole? Wikipedia says The polar bear (Ursus maritimus), is a bear native to the Arctic.
    But I guess you arent supposed to believe everything you read on Wikipedia anyway…

  3. No, it’s true, they are only in the north, but I had this one specially shipped to Antarctica for this cartoon! That’s how much I love you all.

  4. There is absolutely nothing i hate more than inaccuracies in cartoons. Nothing. Polar Bears and Pengins on the same sheet of ice. Ridiculous! Cartoons are not a suitable place for reality to be cast aside like a piece of used toilet paper.

    Mike gets my vote. Penguins sleeping with documentary makers. Who hasn’t seen that happen!

  5. Spenno, my next factually accurate cartoon will be dedicated to you. Phil, you’d better lift your game. Tsk tsk.

  6. Actually I saw an interesting documentary the other day about a woman and a horse in a barnyard. It was amazing what an intimate bond they had formed.
    I have no doubt that a director and a penguin could form this same bond.

  7. This one is another close battle.

    I like them equally…..

    …….but i think I enjoyed the polar bear eating the little bastard. I wander if phil meant to represent himself as the polar bear and you as the penguin mikey? 🙂

  8. I love that you guys are now battling to the death for supremecy in the cartoon world. I look forward to more cartoons and having to patch things up between you two when I get home.

    Liked them both equally.

    P.S does that mean that Mikey is Barn-dog? I would never have known!

  9. Close. Really close, but Phil wins it by a bear’s whisker.

  10. Perhaps if one of you would start making less funny cartoons, I’d be able to choose a winner. Until then, you’re both losers.

  11. This week is easy following my slightly askewed logic…

    Dead bloody penguin > cheating whore-enguin

    Go Phil! Break the barriers of reality all you want, just give me more dead penguins!

    Especially dead CUTE penguins.

  12. Mike, are those used condoms on the floor around the bed?? I don’t know how to react…ugh, ugh, disgusting, or glad you had them practicing safe sex.

  13. Bears @ South ftw.

    Phil scores from outside the penalty box with a left footed piledriver, right into the top right corner !

    As Simple As That.

    Or “asshat” for short.

    Start using the acronym. I think it’s going to catch on fast.

  14. I’d have to say Mike.

  15. Penguins live in antarctic while polar bears live in arctic they cant be together

  16. “tim”… don’t sand between true love.

  17. stand*

  18. are you sure that the penquin isent where the bear is? or maybe they are at the zoo but accidently got together….maybe? what ev. go mike.

  19. Sorry but Phil’s didn’t even make me smile. I laughed a few times at Mike’s then stopped abruptly. [The awkward person I am]

  20. WTF 😐 🙂 😦 :p

  21. I know a polar bear that has a friend who is a black mole from Europe. They live together and the bear eats the mole every day at 10 but I made him spit him.

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