Posted by: Phil Selby | August 6, 2007


It’s round FIVE of Pencils at Dawn. The theme: UNCONSCIOUS!




Click on ’em for a big ‘un.


  1. Damn, you guys upped the ante this time…


    I’ll have to go with Mike this time for drawing an uncute penguin while taking a swing at college humor. Way to multitask!!!

  2. Mike that’s a pearler! Superhero’s are always going to be the winner. However had you dissed Superman like that I would not have been impressed.

    Phil – nice try pfffft. – Hey! you said comment!

  3. This is too easy! Phil, I’m gonna have to find better competition.

  4. Mike, you’re still bitter about that time you think I wrote “I love cock” on your head, aren’t you! I keep telling you, I didn’t write it! You got really drunk, and you were stumbling around crying, and babbling incoherently, and then you wrote it on your own forehead. God knows what that was all about.

    PS. Roisin. Keep this up and I’ll steal your bike again.

  5. Leave my bike out of this. . I’ll only tell you once.

    Hey can I go back at back comment? cause in all fairness Phil you did open a can of whooooparse on Mike back there but that was when I had my phobia of writing online. . . which I have clearly overcome.

  6. I vote for Phil’s cartoon, and his next 4. (BTW, thanks for the help yesterday phil)

    …Steal Roisin’s bike again, i didn’t realise it was stolen in the first place…. oh thats right. It wasn’t.

  7. Spenno, stop whoring out your votes dammit!

  8. I think they are both great one is low brow humour and one is more subtle humour. Yes Mikey you are the low brow humour. You really just wanted to put cock in your cartoon and have it be socially acceptable. Well done it worked!

  9. But…I thought mine was high brow!

  10. Yes, well you would think that, wouldn’t you, you horrid little man.

  11. I’m going with Phil here, but only because I can’t imagine the Penguin leaving Batman’s pants on.

    Nice work, both of you.

  12. mike wins, hands down.
    i literally laughed out loud!

  13. Thank you annie! Glad to see someone appreciates fine art.

  14. You mean fine as in, “yeah, it’s fine, I suppose”?

  15. Phil’s is cleaner, more subtle…he wins! Mike’s is childish, college humor I suppose…college was a loong time ago. 🙂

  16. Has anybody wondered if Mike and Phil are one and the same person?

  17. Maryt, yes perhaps mine is gutter humour…but it felt strangely right 🙂

    And no, we are definitely two distinct individuals, but I know Phil would really like to be me.

  18. i gotta go with Mikey for this round…though i would have taken it further. Batman should be bent over with the penguins umbrella up his arse. That would have been funnier…and more the penguins style…

  19. Although I am going to go with Mike on this post, I must say in last week’s effort, Phil won hands down. So no Mike, you don’t want better competition… or you’ll lose every week ;p

    P.S: Lex was right on the mark! Bent over with an umbrella up his arse! That would have been priceless.

  20. Mike’s was funnier.

  21. Freud one had me laughing out loud… loved it!

  22. These comics are awesome – they had me laughing so damn hard!!!

    I’ve made a blog post about your both (mike, phil, and the website in general).

    absolutely amazing! Thanks for all the great laughs! 🙂

  23. Always been impressed with people who can draw!! Fantastic, funny, smirky, risque, lol! Great place to visit first thing on a monday boring morning. Raises the spirits, supercallyfragislisticexpealidocious. Thanks.

  24. Hi,
    I’m a psychology student and I really like your cartoons. Can I post some of them if I include a backlink to your site? I’ll be glad if yes.

  25. Claudia, as for mine, sure thing, go for it. Pretty sure Mike will say the same thing.. Mike?

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