Posted by: seemikedraw | August 29, 2007


It’s round 7! The theme is intersection. Click for a larger image if you’re blind like Mike!





  1. Phil the basstard wins it again.

    Mike… ’twas OK, better luck next time.

  2. Phil – that’s genius – and I rather like playing bass.

  3. Hee, these comics are great! Funny stuff, and I’m looking forward to more of them. 🙂

  4. Hell ya…great one Phil! Sending this to all the bass players I know!

  5. You’re all wrong! The correct answer for the winning submission was ‘Mike’. You keep getting it wrong!

  6. How can you NOT appreciate some chicken porn? I’ll vote for you, Mike.

  7. Wow this one is a hard one to decide… I do love the bass player line… but Mike’s is simple and to the point. Sweet lovin! LOL

    Sorry Mike, Phil gets my vote this week. Sowwy 😦

  8. Aww they are both great!! Mikey I will give you my sympathy vote….. I mean genuine vote

    P.s. Phil yours was better

  9. Hey it would appear from conversations with some people that there’s some misunderstanding about mine – people do realise it’s a fast food place, not a chicken brothel right?

    PS – Lis thanks for you totally false sympathy vote, it means the world to me! Gotta take what I can get 🙂

  10. Uh oh! Someone had to explain their cartoon! BZZZZZZZZ!

    And yes I know I’ve had to explain mine many times before but just let me enjoy this moment, ok?

  11. Phil, I was just explaining it to you because of your ‘learning problem’.

  12. Nah stuff him Mike.. stick the sword in nice an’ deep!

  13. Oh and Mike… I thought that it was obvious that it was a fast food joint. Who in the hell thought it was a BROTHEL!?!?!?!?!?

  14. Sorry Mike, your nemesis wins (nicer artwork, though). You’ve seen Crossroads one time too many, Phil!

  15. phil nice work, ill show richy this one for his band.

  16. I think I like Mike.

  17. I vote for Mike! Chickens all the way. Keep up the good work, guys; your blog is awesome!

  18. I’ve gotta say that Mike has this one. The bass line is funny, but I think that the chicken crossing the road ties into the theme better. The guitarist and Satan really have nothing to do with an intersection. Maybe a fork in the road.

  19. Maryt, Niki, Dewey, you’re all legends. I was getting slaughtered this round. I’ve sent you all a gift of appreciation in the mail, but seeing as I don’t know your addressess I had to guess, and the odds of them actually showing up are slim. Still, it’s the thought that counts.

  20. Dewey, the legend goes that the great Blues legend Robert Johnson made a deal with the devil at the crossroads at midnight, so that’s where the “intersection” tie in comes from…
    So does that mean you change your vote? 🙂


  22. You can’t judge humour guys, it’s all in the eye, or stomach, or brain or even funny bone of the beholder. BUT, if I did have to decide, like all things, each one would probably get better with beer, preferably spilt all over and with a Special Edition DVD with drawer’s commentary.

  23. HAHAH!!! Even Satan makes fun of bass players!! 😛

    Pretty funny, because I play drums, and one year at the DrumFest, Dom Famularo said that : “Playing drums is something to express your feelings, to be happy”. He then continued : “If you are depressed, you will end up a bass player!!!” :D:D

    So funny!!

    Phil wins!

    (good job guys!)

  24. Vote for mike!
    Great concept!

  25. Haha. I like to ask people if they’ve ever seen a “chicken strip”, and now I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that idea is funny.

  26. Oh Mike, that’s genius! mmm, chicken porn mixed with existential questions

  27. Bass is actually harder than guitar if you play it right but too bad people don’t know that. I’d like to see the best guitarist play bass the way some of the best bassist do, its actually a lot harder. Being a bassist i do find that funny though, the misconception makes my job a lot easier. :]

    • umm yah – you know who says that? bass players!.. lawlz!..
      you just keep telling yourself that, and maybe you’ll feel better about it..

  28. MIke definetly won, His picture has color! and i’m stoned right now so yea… COLOR IS BETTER!

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