Posted by: seemikedraw | September 20, 2007


It’s round 8! Today’s theme is ‘sexist’. Click images for bigger versions. l Digg it l reddit l Stumble it!





  1. mike’s does it for me.
    I love a tiny Ass!

  2. Both great! But I have to give it to Mikey because I am a melon man and sorry Phil, I went to the Isle of Lesbos and didnt see a single instance of woman-on-woman action in the streets at all. Its an island of false advertising as far as I am concerned.

  3. I too vote for Mike!

  4. I also vote for Mike!

    Uh… wait, this is the “Who would you most like to kill with a rusty coat hangar” forum, right?

  5. I’m going to create a precedent and vote for neither of you.

    Neither cartoon made me laugh out loud this week.

    Man am I too ignorant, or what? 😛

  6. Hey I like them both…but Mike I want to know why Jane is working on an Apple computer?

  7. It has nothing to do with my sponsorship. Honest…

    Maybe it’s because they’re working in a design studio. Yes, that’s it.

  8. What I find strange about is that Mike’s sponsor is actually Fisher Price, not Apple.

  9. Hilarity..on both sides. I’m a melons man, though, so Mike FTW this time!

  10. Mike’s joke was predictable, but good.

    Phil gets it because I like Vikings. (people have said I’m more savage than them. I disagree?)

  11. Ha, call yourself historically accurate Phil??? We all know that the sex crazed lasses actually hailed from the imaginaton of Sappho who lived on Lesbos. But I still give you the prize, all my ancient history kids thought it was a hoot and it made their test a far more enjoyable experience! (some even coloured in the cartoon!)

  12. As much as i like melons and a tiny ass i gotta go with Philina! It made me laugh more!

  13. lol, i should be offended…but somehow I’m not…go humor

  14. We vote for Phil.

    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

  15. “Massive melons”!!!!

    That sounds just sooooo huuugggeee!!! It made my brain wild just to imagine the small massively melonned small girl!!!

    Good surprise also at the end!! They missed that at the end of Office Space!! 😀

  16. mike def

  17. Great works.

    Keep it up!!!

  18. my vote goes to mike because i love the tiny ass!

  19. why would someone have an ass in their office. duh im dum

  20. mike

  21. Hey Mike, I’ll be posting your cartoon themed “Sexist” on my blog. Hope it’s ok! I’m posting it to somehow lighten up the mood. Let me know if you’re not cool with it and I’ll take it down asap. Cheers! – cp

  22. phil.

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