Posted by: seemikedraw | October 9, 2007


It’s round 9! Today’s theme is ‘delicious’…




  1. Phil – f&cking hilarious! 1 vote.

  2. Phil, I still haven’t received last month’s payment to keep letting you win.

  3. Sorry barndog, phil gets my vote too. Who doesn’t love a vulture’s head up a buffolo’s bum joke. I’ve loved them ever since i was a kid.

  4. Alas, I too vote for Phil.
    But only because it reminds me of the time I wiped a booger on his sandwich and didn’t tell him.

  5. I wiped a massive booger on a fabric conditioner lid last week in asda… even the Mrs had a little chuckle. Phil gets my boogers

  6. Sandwich…? Hey I remember that sandwich! I was wondering why my raisin bread only had one raisin in it!

  7. Mmmm, boogers. *gurgle*

    Phil wins my vote.

  8. No, I have to stick with the Barndog on this one! I love pork, especially when an apple and snuggles are involved.

    It really is the other white meat.

  9. Woohoo! I got one!

  10. One what? One charity vote?

  11. Booger-man wins it again.

  12. Sick in such a lovely way. doesthat count as a vote? if so I vote yeah, the world needs more good clean carrion based humor.

  13. HA! I go for number 1, Mike’s.

  14. ` Aw F***! Both are just so disgusting… I love the second one, just because it makes me want to puke.

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