Posted by: Phil Selby | October 16, 2007


 It’s Round Ten of this battle of the half-wits! This week’s theme: AREA!





  1. I have to with Mike on this one. Cause that alien is so damn cute.

    Are you a cute little alien? Yes you are, Yeees you are.

  2. Yeah, come to think of it, they should be excited about the adorable little alien puppies that Jenkins is going to give birth to!

  3. For the first time… Mike’s was better.

    India-Australia animosity going through the roof here so…

    “Good on ya, mate!”

  4. Phil wins hands down. That’s the consensus in the office too. Three techs, Tuesday afternoon, nothing to do.

  5. The top one is easily the winner

  6. Can’t disagree with you more … Phil’s is WAY better. I like Mike’s, but the build up and punchline for Phil’s is spot on in my book.

    … And you can buy my book from all good stockists ….

  7. Harish… I’m speechless… *wipes away a tear*

  8. Harish… I’m speechless… *wipes away a tear*

  9. We have a security device just like that in my department but for some strange reason its in the bathroom…

  10. Mikey i like yours, i really do but phil….drew a penis.

    He gets my vote!!

  11. Damn, I knew I should’ve given the alien a willy!

  12. Dammit, I wanted to vote for Mike, what with the guest submission of his I just posted and all (*cough free plug cough*). But I have to agree with Simon (well, one of them)….the buildup and the actual depiction of an unedited wee, tiny as it is, make Phil’s the winner this time. Sorry, Mike…I tried.

  13. Sorry Mikey I have to go with the general consensus here that Phil’s is better this time. I do love the cute alien and I too would love to have his babies but Phil’s was better.

  14. Yes, this need to ogle a penis… as enticing as it may be, alien imprenation gets me every time!

  15. Tough choice but I think Phil edges it with the knob gag!

  16. Nothing, but nothing beats a nob gag.

  17. Except gagging on a knob! Right girls? Girls?

    Erm… I’ll just get me coat.

  18. And don’t come back dammit!

  19. lol, terry probably the only employee too lol

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