Posted by: seemikedraw | November 2, 2007


It’s round 11! Today’s word is ‘giant’, and just so you all know, the giant part of Mike’s cartoon is the telescope. Yes, it’s perfectly legitimate.



  1. Giant telescope?? Pffft. That’s a giant load of bollocks…

    Which makes this cartoon a valid entry! Congratulations!

  2. I vote for Mike, even though it’s seriously seriously seriously disturbing. . .

  3. Both you guys are great!!

  4. Think alien sex just edges it but I’m never gonna see Jack & the Beanstalk in the same light!

  5. Both were good …………………… but I vote for Mike

  6. This one goes to Mike for the ‘Hicthhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ reference (whether or not he intended it)

    Eccentrica Gallumbits

  7. Harish, would you believe me if I said I did intend it? No? Rats!

  8. phil’s is clearly funnier (to me).

  9. Mike by a breast.

  10. MUHAHAHA! I knew it would pay to get one of them out…

  11. Go Phil! He’s my winner in this round.


  13. While I do enjoy a good pot joke, Mike did draw an alien with 3 boobies. My vote is for Mike.

  14. I think I actually liked Phil’s one this time., I also liked your Mikey – no hard feelings right?

  15. phil for real

  16. Hmm, bongs or boobs…THAT is the question.

    Boobs…that is the answer.

  17. I guess there are other sites doing this sort of stuff but don’t know if this is any use to you two….

  18. Interesting… but of course we do this for the love, not the money… don’t we Phil?

  19. Can you lend me a fiver then? 😉

  20. What, you haven’t been getting paid for this, Mike? Oh… sorry, must’ve forgot to give you all the cheques. Oops!

    RD: We scraped together all the money we have and it only came to $4.63. I hope this will suffice. Anyway, if you need us, we’ll be down at the soup kitchen.

  21. Come on exchange rates, make me rich!

  22. Thank you for the post! I like the beanstalk one especially.

  23. Phil wins this one.

    The punchline is ten times stronger.

  24. Oh come on! It’s an alien… With a boner! How can you not love that?

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