Posted by: Phil Selby | November 15, 2007






  1. Sorry Mike, Has to be Phil this time. Phil, was pole dancing the first thing that sprang to mind for “Performing”?

  2. So thats what the inside of a strip joint looks like. Its awfully detailed phil…

    Gets my vote.

  3. Yes… I was wondering why Phil asked for a few more nights to research this one…

  4. And by the end of those three nights, I had my routine looking pretty sharp!

    I could even do some of these moves:

  5. Why do I live in a country/continent that hs NO strip clubs??? 😦

    Phil wins.

  6. I’ve seen performing monkies while in Indonesia. I’ve also seen the inside of a nudie bar or several dozen. But I have to say the Phill is funnier here. Plus, Phills cartoon can lead into a funny Village People joke.

  7. 1 vote for monkey, its eyes = win.

  8. Phil gets my $5 in a G, even without a dancing lem in the back of the club.

  9. I vote for mike, Mike Mike Mike.

  10. I like Mike’s quite a bit, but I feel the caption wasn’t really needed. We can see it’s a horrible monkey. I’d say Phil wins due to execution.

  11. It’s Phil this time. I think PETA wants to see you, Mike!

  12. wow, i gotta go with Phil on this one.

    As usual tho, both bloody funny!

  13. Mikes made me cack loudly, reminded of a similar sight in Bali!!! then again, so did the strip joint…

  14. Damn, they’re both great. #1 made me cringe, #2 made me smile… Cringe or smile? Cringe or smile?

  15. I gotta go with philina! sorry mikette…

  16. Why does Phil’s fireman have a moustache above his nose?

  17. Yey guys just discovered ur page! great duels!!! enjoy them a lot, u have a new fan!
    By the way my vote is for PHIL!

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