Posted by: Phil Selby | March 24, 2008






  1. Damn you, no DOUBLE DAMN you both for making it so hard to choose…

    Even though I hear he’s saying bad things about his readers, I gotta go with Phil this time.

  2. Excellent! For “simplicity”, Phil gets my vote.

  3. So we vote? That’s how this works?

    And yeah, sorry, I gotta go with Phil, though I do love them both. I just… laughed out loud when I got to the punchline (one of those surprised “HA!”s, you know?).

  4. A blood-letting occured in this drawn round.

  5. Gotta go with Mike’s on this one: I always knew something was going on between those two.

  6. Phil +1

  7. My vote is for Phil.

    (I love it when a new post pops up because I know it always means 2 great comics!)

  8. Heee! I have to go for Phil this time.

  9. Well Mike, you let me down. How can you sleep at night?


  10. Thank you everyone. And for the record, I only said bad things about half of you.

    Ok, maybe two thirds.


  11. Right then, I’m going down the coast for a few days and hopefully someone will have taken pity on me when I get back.

    Phil, don’t lie – it was everyone.

  12. Ok everyone, I think he’s gone! Party at Mike’s house! Make sure you bring at least three drug addicts in need of a quick cash fix, and something wet and stinky to smear on the walls. ROCK AND ROLL!

  13. Mike, Lone ranger plus sex joke is just a winner in my book… man that must be a filthy book.

  14. I think this one is, quite literally, a draw.

  15. lol, Phil win’s that one in my eyes! It was damn close again though! 🙂

  16. 🙂 great toon. Love the one with the knights

  17. Mike. A poignant look at race relations and same-sex love. Like an interracial Brokeback Mountain.

  18. I love Phil’s!
    and folk because of the folk festival?:P

  19. Mike for me!

  20. I vote for Mike!

  21. I’ll have to vote for Phil this round.

  22. I pick Phil

  23. i give my fake vote for phil this time. But do not get used.

  24. Ohmygod…I stumbled across your site and I gotta say it’s great. Funny, funny cartoons…I hope you’ll forgive me but I’m calling this one a DRAW…

  25. for this one, i go for simplicity.

  26. I think both your cartoons are hysterical; your RSS feed is in my Bloglines subscriptions.

    Just wanted to let you know that I linked to Pencils at Dawn as a favorite blog; it’s part of a fairytale I wrote. Weird/lame of me, but it was fun.

    See details here:

    The fairytale here:

    Best regards —

  27. This was my one of my favourite blogs… and then it all came to a halt! What happened? Where did the cartoons go?

  28. Hey Kathryn, glad you like the blog…
    Do not fret, it will make a reappearance, we are both just a bit time-poor at the moment… plus there’s another all-new, secret blog we are supposed to be building up before unveiling… but it’s taking longer than we thought. But please check back every now and then! And in the meantime, check out our individual sites which we still update regularly!

  29. Also, Carolyn B thanks for the kind words, and the link. Much appreciated.

    Ps. I like your writing style!

  30. Ahahahahahahahaha brilliant, totally messed up – i love it.


  31. it’s a draw…

    ( I crack myself up…)

  32. Yep, its Phil. Brilliant the ‘simple’ bit!

  33. Rather enjoyed that bit.

  34. I dunno, I gotta give it to Mike on this one, just for the dejected look on Tonto’s face in the last ‘panel.’ Give us more!!!

  35. i agree with tony, mike wins this round. great punch line!

  36. I LOVE your work. My shrinky friends laughed a lot with the illustrated theories of Freud and Jung.

  37. Hey Flor, thank you! 🙂

  38. I’m going with Phil. I laughed even after reading it a second time [and that’s rare for me]

  39. Thats awesome man..U re doing something different.Am Rocky n dis s my new visit t often for some interesting updates.

  40. PHIL!

  41. […] From Pencils at Dawn. […]

  42. That was AWESOME! I love Simplicity 😀

  43. Phil 🙂

  44. Oi, pick up your pencils, time to draw again

  45. Is PaD defunct? I long for anoher cartoon!

  46. I vote for Mike, but is this thing dead? March 24, 2008. :O

  47. Sarah,
    We like to think of it as being in a coma… we’re focussing our efforts mostly on at the moment.
    But it is our sincere hope that one day, PAD may unexpectedly awaken from its slumber and and wander the hallways of the internet in a backless hospital gown.

  48. Mike. But both of you are funny!

  49. It’s 2010 now-why have you two stopped?

  50. yeah dude! dont stop with these great cartoons

  51. it looks really great, hope to see more from you

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