What it’s all about.

STEP ONE:  A random word is selected using a random word generator.

STEP TWO: We both draw a cartoon themed on that word.

STEP THREE: We somehow get rich.

All cartoons on this blog © Copyright 2007-2008 Mike Jacobsen and Phil Selby.

 PS. Check out our other, less conflict-oriented cartoon blogs.

See Mike Draw – http://seemikedraw.wordpress.com

The rut. – http://bigeyedeer.wordpress.com


  1. Antidote: I like Mike’s better.

  2. Barn dog – he solves crimes and draws funny cartoons. Is there anything this mut can’t do!

    As all voting should use the principles of a secret ballot i decline to reveal my preference
    *cough – barn dog*

    If you need anyone to tally the results i offer my services using a single transferrable voting system.

  3. Guys, have a business plan from me.

    Free of cost.

    Phase ONE: We both draw a cartoon themed on a random word selected using a random word generator.

    Phase TWO: ???

    Phase THREE: Profit !!!

  4. Apparently, some seedy little penguin is sleeping with both of you to get in your cartoons. I can see how Mike might get lured by its tiny penguin wiles, but surely Phil’s above that?

    I like Phil’s cartoon best (though it could have benefited from showing us some Polar Bear boob).

    Now get off the penguin.

  5. Actually, I would just like to know if you have an RSS feed for Pencils at Dawn. Not for the blog, but for the toons.


  6. Hmmm… Phil? I’m afraid my ignorance knows no bounds when it comes to RSS feeds!

  7. Well, if you use iGoogle (that customised version of Google) as your homepage, you go to “add stuff” and then look for a link that says “add by URL”… Then just enter https://pencilsatdawn.wordpress.com

    And don’t stop there. Also add http://bigeyedeer.wordpress.com and

  8. PS. We tried putting the “subscribe to feed” button on but no success so far! Will keep trying…

  9. Just seen this in the newsletter. Both of you are hands down, pants wettingly absolutely brilliant.

    That is all.

  10. How about a voting button, so everyone can vote on which cartoon is better each week?

  11. Just found this via That Night ( http://www.thatnight.net/ ) and I must say, you guys are both very, very good. Great idea.

    You want a business plan? Here’s one: open the competition to the general public on a weekly basis, then (once traffic is up) seek weekly sponsors instead of / in addition to random Google ads.

    Meanwhile, publish a book of the first year’s cartoons, to be sold in humor / novelty sections, calendar format, etc. The brand’s the thing, and you two can do a lot with this concept.


  12. Thanks guys for the comments and suggestions! We have been thinking about where to go with this thing and your ideas are some good food for thought. The button’s a good idea, but I think the main thing is that this is for our enjoyment, and a great big tally on one side or the other might sink the spirits a bit 🙂

    Stay tuned and we’ll see what happens…

    PS – I’d like to publish a book, but I’m worried that Phil’s cartoons would ruin the sales 🙂

  13. Yes, it’s true. A quantified tally would really sink Mike’s spirit… so I think we’ll avoid the button-voting thing.


    Thanks for the comments my friends!

  14. I like the idea of this website and you guys are really talented and creative with each cartoon.

    I can’t wait for the next comic. May I suggest the word “Unbuttoned”. I know it is not random, but hey I can try can’t I?

  15. A request huh? Hmmm…what do you think Phil? Nick it’s kind of become tradition for us to select our word with a random word generator. That way it remains unbiased and neither of us can complain (even though we both do).

    Thanks heaps for the comment by the way!

    Oh, and ‘unbuttoned’? I’m trying to ween myself off rude cartoons!

  16. hurry with the next comic! my eyes are siezing up!

  17. Where Comic? Need comic!

    With-draw-al symptoms apparent.

  18. We just have to wait until Mr ‘I’m off in Thailand on a sunny beach somewhere’ gets back and then we can (hopefully) get back into it!

  19. 🙂

  20. Really great.

    Even having no tits and no asses, it’s entertaining!
    Never thought it was possible in internet O_o

    pd: subscribe button howto-> http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/10/23/put-your-feed-in-your-sidebar/

  21. What a fun idea! Love this site!

  22. you guys rock. syndicated! (well, only via rss, but that’s a start I guess.)

  23. i love cheese
    i love chocolate
    i love mike & phil

  24. This site is difficult. How do I get to the stuff that isnt recent or most popular? Is there an archive somewhere?

  25. Colleen, you are dead right. So I just added an archive thingo in the side bit. And yes, “thingo” and “side bit” are both widely accepted technical terms.

  26. 🙂

    wow! really creative guys!!!
    love the cartoons!

  27. good stuffs

  28. Hi,
    great stuff,cool art and funny lines! I like them both and please don’t baptize me. :)*****

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