Posted by: seemikedraw | March 8, 2008


We’re back for the long-overdue round 14! Sorry, our journey to study predatory Amazonian river dolphins was unexpectedly lengthened when we stumbled upon, and consequently brought down, a multi-national drug cartel.




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  1. Brilliant.

    Take this as a requisite comment letting known you have one more fan.

    RSS Readers rule.

  2. Cheers Adduc! Including Phil and myself, that’s 3 fans we have now!

  3. I think Mike this time, I dont think you can pass up a dead vulcan.

  4. the first one 😀

  5. Can we not have one where Tom Hanks is run over? Man I’m so sick of him…

  6. Amen. Dead Vulcans beat Tom “Dan Brown fan” Hanks.

  7. […] lengthened when we stumbled upon, and consequently brought down, a multi-national drug cartel. NOWHERE « Pencils at Dawn   « Any good skeptic should take samples and conduct tests before concluding that the […]

  8. Mike that’s very presumptuous of you. Who says I’m a fan?

  9. Phil, it’s what I understood from the fan mail you regularly send me.

  10. Ha! I’ll go with Phil’s on this one, since I’m more of a “use the Force” guy than a “it’s only logical” type.

  11. For the Spock dislocated arm, which is making me laugh a lot, i vote Mike.

  12. Two quality cartoons here. No-one loses. Well done Gents

  13. Roodie Doodie, the cheque is in the mail.

    (Yes, that’s right, I have to bribe people to get a draw. So what?? It’s no big deal!)

    PS. Mike, read my fan mail more closely. And try to inhale some of that powder in the envelope, too.

  14. Just found your site (thanks to that reddit post the other day)… Awesome work, I went through and read each of your sites and it’s all bookmarked now.

    Keep up the good decent work!

  15. Actually – you guys should make one of these compos a bit more competative by adding a poll for voting for the winner. These blogs are a pain not allowing Javascript, stops you plugging in vote on the page nicely, but you could link to one. There are lots about. I used here and it did the job ok.

    We would really know who wins!

    Now I’ve stirred up that, I shall run away…. Muwahahahahahah!

  16. Number 2!*

    * I’m not actually announcing a bathroom ritual, more expressing who I feel won that round by allocating a number to each comic in a logical, natural-flowing format.

  17. Am I too late to vote for Phil on this one?

  18. Captain Blue, it’s never too late with an antiquated [non-existent] voting system like ours!

  19. Excellent cartoons – One thing though — Wouldn’t Spock leave puddles of green blood?


    Most caucasianoid Vulcan characters typically appear with a subtle greenish hue to their skin, much as Human Caucasians have subtle reddish hue to their skin. This is because Vulcan blood is copper-based and is copper or rust-colored when deoxygenated in the veins, and green when oxygenated in the arteries. Bruises and dermal abrasions therefore take on a green color.

  20. And Phil wins on a techincality! BAM!

  21. So much for ‘Live long and prosper’.

  22. Digg this

  23. OMG the spock one made me die XD
    Mike wins in my opinion 🙂

  24. Funny comic, but Vulcans bleed green, as the many times Vulcan blood has been spilled on the incarnations of Trek have shown. Human blood always bleeds red, despite the bluish tint it gets when it’s low on oxygen and heading back to the heart, because the act of bleeding involves combining with oxygen, thus Vulcan blood will also always be a “rusted” form of its base metal (i.e. green copper). That Wikipedia article quoted above was corrected to say, “Most caucasoid-like Vulcans (a majority of those shown throughout the series’ runs) typically appear with a subtle greenish hue to their skin, due to Vulcans’ copper-based blood, which is green in color.”

  25. Very funny!

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